Statistics is the group of numbers that represents the information that helps the person in solving different issues. It provides the useful information to the people by collecting information, then classifying them into useful information. After classification, the statistical analyzes the information. We can see statistics in our daily life. Through different books, newspapers, social media, in the form of population status.

In the early years it was used by the royal and the leaders of some states to gather information about the people of states, their populations and to the income of the state. But as technology has developed, thepeople’s need have also increased, which creates more development in different subjects and fields. Moreover, the increasing demand of different subjects introduce statistics in our life.

Statistics is the collection of the mathematical information that is used to analyze various things, it gives various information about the things that are happening around us. Statistics is a significant part of our life, because it helps to know about the weather by weather forecasting, this information can be collected by making different models by using statistical concepts. Moreover, it also helps in comparing the previous weather conditions with current conditions. Statistics is mostly used by the researchers to perform different tests is in the field of medical, business or on any subject.It helps to know the answers for the questions related to the various subjects. (MRS Evidence matters, 2019)

Significance and application of statistics 2019

Statistics plays a vital role in our daily life and has different applicationsin various fields including medical, business and finance etc.In medical it is used to know the result of some assumptions made by doctors related to some problems. For instance, to know the symptoms of a particular disease, different experiments and different hypothesis are used with the help of statistics to get the result of various problems. Furthermore, the use of statistics in 2019 is very common in the field of business. Various companies use statistics to estimate their prospects customers. Moreover, statistics has been also used to estimate different cost and in preparing various budgets in the companies.The corporations use statistics in forecasting their financial cost and budget in order to expand their business in future. Furthermore, various marketers use statistics in performing market research, to know about their customers for prospect product launching. Statistics is also used in product testing. Furthermore, various news reports can also use statistics in predicting the winner of the election of anycountry. Besides, statistics is also useful in the field of economics, it helps to estimate the number of product used and the number of income generated by the people by estimating the income earned by people living in the country.(Edurite, 2019)



In today’s world, statistics has become essential forpeople.Statistics plays an important role to justify the answer of any question.Different software have been developed to make the human life easy for instance, SSP software, which is used by many research analyst to estimate various things. Hence, statistics is important in every field of life.

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